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How do I scrap my car?

Here at Scrap Your Car Now, we pride ourselves on delivering a scrap car service that pays you the best price for your vehicle on the same day we pick it up. It’s fast and free and totally convenient for you.

We’re a fully licensed family-run scrap dealer for cars based in Salisbury. We cover the whole of Wiltshire and surrounding areas. With 20 years of experience, we’ve refined our service to make it simple for you whilst offering the best current scrap metal prices around. Your vehicle is dealt with by us, so you won’t lose out financially by paying commission to a ‘middle-man.’

We can remove all types and sizes of vehicles, both commercial and privately owned. Cars, vans, trucks and HGVs. We can even pick them up from hard-to-reach locations. And it’s not just MOT failures. We’ll take non-runners, damaged and abandoned project cars. Any vehicles considered, including those still running or with current MOTs. We pay more money for road-worthy cars!

Scrap Your Car Now are fully insured and licensed, adhering to all scrap car regulations. We’ll deal with all the admin, including your DVLA paperwork and Certificate of Destruction.

We’ll collect your scrap car quickly and it’s free. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN COSTS. Get a quote in 1-2 hours and accept it. We’ll arrange collection, sort out your paperwork and pay you on the same day. It couldn’t be easier!

We are part of Lamb and Son Recycling, so if you have other scrap metal you want to dispose of, we can pick it up at the same time. Check our website for more details here.

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Did you know? Unlike other car buying companies, we are not the middle man! Meaning you get the best prices for your vehicle.





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Scrap Your Car Now are part of Lamb and Son Recycling. Our family-run business recycles all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. If you have any scrap metal you would like collected, visit our website here for more details.

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